or an Asian getaway, look no further than Ontario Street where you can enjoy a good glass of sake while enjoying our popular summer terrace

An Oasis on Ontario Street

Well hidden on Ontario Street is one of Montreal's most popular terraces. With its small pond, the outdoor terrace of La Grenade attracts lovers of Eastern culture. Heated in cool weather, and partially covered, you can enjoy it from the first sign of spring until the return of snow. With a setting inspired by Asia, the terrace and its pond is the ideal place to escape the time of an evening among friends, colleagues or lovers.


Sake is a rice alcohol produced with the same fermentation method as beer, and gives an alcohol of 14 to 17 degrees. Sake is often mistaken for any type of Asian alcohol made from rice or cereals, but the Japanese prefer to use the term nihonshu to specifically refer to sake. The ascomycete fungus used as yeast makes it possible to dispense with the malting frequently used in the manufacture of beers based on other cereals. Although it is technically a rice beer, sake has no effervescence, so it is often thought of as wine.

Introduced in Japan from China at the same time as rice cultivation, as early as the 3rd century, the fermentation of rice in sake was done at the time in a very artisanal way. Over the centuries, the manufacturing processes were perfected and for a period, the imperial court held the monopoly on its manufacture. It also adopted a sacred character by its integration into Japanese religious rituals. At one time, they discovered the importance of the minerality of water, as well as the double fermentation of grains. In the end, chemistry and science imposed modern methods in the production of sake.

The quality of the water, that of the rice, as well as the know-how of the master brewer are thus the 3 essential elements of a quality sake.