or the pleasure of your senses, eat out and go no further than Ontario Street in the heart of Montreal. It is possible in La Grenade where you can visit Asia with your colleagues and friends. Flavors from all over Asia and the Pacific come together to comfort you as much as our liquor and cocktail menu will warm your spirit.

Thai Pad

Directly from Thailand, enjoy the national dish of this Asian country. It appeared after the Second World War during an economic recession that forced the Thais to save on their rice consumption. The government has popularized rice pasta by distributing the recipe that has been adopted by the people. Since that time the recipe has evolved to incorporate various ingredients according to the tastes and availability of products which made it the most popular dish out of the country.

Poke Bowl

Poke, which means "cut" or "piece" is one of the typical dishes of Hawaiian cuisine. It is composed of raw fish served with condiments, traditionally sea salt and seaweed. Mixing tradition with our time, the current poke bowl are as original as varied depending on the choice of ingredients.

Steamed buns

Extremely popular in China and Vietnam, there are as many varieties of this dish as there are names to designate it. The dough is usually a mixture of water and wheat flour, but other flours are sometimes substituted or mixed. Instead of water, some add milk. The stuffing also varies greatly by region. You can find either beef, pork, chicken, sausages or vegetables.